Hey! Welcome to my page!


I love Real Estate and everything that comes with it.


I love connecting with people and families; listening to their needs and where they are right now in their lives. It brings me so much joy helping them find the right home.


First time buyers, ready to buy their first 2 bed apartment? Or the young couple expecting their first child and preparing to move from their 2-bed apartment to their home in a nice neighborhood with the garden at the back of the house and without exceeding their budget.


I love helping families relocating to Cyprus, families looking for the big house in a big plot with the pool and the basketball area for their kids.


I take so much pleasure when helping families find their summer home, the place where they get to spend more time together and away from their everyday routine.


I take very seriously, the people who are ready to sell their property. I know how extremely important it is to acquire properties and to sell them, is even more important.


And I enjoy enormously talking with investors and helping them achieve the best return on their investment through finding the right property for them.


I always put myself in my clients’ shoes, whether buying or selling.

·      Would I buy this construction?

·      Is this property correctly priced?

·      Is the ROI I would be getting on this investment justifiable?

·      Would I be selling my property at this prize and these conditions?

·      Is it a safe sale?


If the answer to the above is yes, then I’m positive it is the right one for my client as well.

I love Real Estate for two more reasons:

1. The flexibility it provides in my life as a mother and as a person with many interests.

2. That I was so lucky to be part of an innovative, advanced, supportive, and so professional boutique Agency.


LET’S CONNECT, I’ll be your personal realtor, your consultant, your best negotiator, I’ll be on your side, and I’ll be there when you call.


#RealEstateSecrets, responsibly and confidentially.


Yours Truly,

Lena Vlachou #MatchAgent

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Area of Expertise:
#Match you to your dream home
#Match the ideal buyer to your property
I am:
  • A proud mother of 3 kids and 3 dogs.
  • My kids’ personal chef and chauffeur.
  • A hard worker, aiming high and striving for the best, having as my only goal to #Match you to your perfect home.
Super Ability:
The ability to connect and understand people.
Biggest Challenge:
Escaping my comfort zone.
Alarm Clock:
The need to catch the school bus at 7:30 AM.
Maya Angelou and her life work.
M.Residence Is:
A lifestyle sculpted for me.

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